The Customer Impact Agency is straight out of the box, brand new.

And it's a brand new approach that we have brought to the disjointed method of marketing, customer experience and communications strategy too.

I'm Steve Hodgkinson, a campaign storyteller and founder at the agency.

After a successful career, working in Senior Management roles within the Construction Industry, I decided to follow my natural flair and creativity and become a business owner. 

Well, I ended up owning two businesses actually, and both did pretty well and saw us winning various awards and accolades. 

The success of these ventures was due, solely, to the fact that I was able to create an outstanding customer experience and a communicate a strong message that gained a loyal following.

Anyway, to cut a short story even shorter, I decided to move on from these businesses and fulfil a nagging desire to focus 100% on my strong points by working in partnership with as many ambitious business brands as I could.


It makes sense. I love it, and I'm bloody good at it.


So here we are. An agency dedicated to creating strong customer experiences and making an impact that turns customers into loyal fans.

We cut the crap, have fun with the process, and give you the results you want to see... or your money back. No brainer.

Steve Hodgkinson

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Before starting any work and suggesting any plans, surveys and other such time sapping activity, we want to fully experience what you currently offer within your business.

This means, we will be going into your business, acting as a customer, and really getting an understanding of where you are currently at with regards to service, energy, branding... everything!


No red carpet treatment here... we believe all relationships should be built on complete honesty, and our relationship starts here.  


Once invited in, we will be forming a connection with you, the business owner, your staff and, of course, your customers.

We will be using this step to establish a strong sense of anything that makes you different (in a good way) and also anything which might seem confusing or conflicting with your branding. 


We will be interviewing and building rapport with your customers  to learn exactly what type of people you attract and are most suitable for. 

The results will be collated and it'll be time to start the creative bit.


Step 3 is the strategy plan and will comprise a compilation of everything learned so far (from you, the business owner, your staff, the current experience and your customers) with a clear and detailed strategy of how to improve your customer experience even further.

The strategy plan will be inline with your vision/aims and will provide suggestions and solutions to increasing your retention, referrals and profit margins, through via the formation of your own unique usp.


With the previous steps complete, you will have everything you need to go ahead and action the changes for rapid improvement and market dominance. We will take everything that you like the idea of and get to work on the detailed design work.

Our design work would result in a complete besoke system of operation that may include CRM solutions, staff training modules, promotional campaigns, implementation systems and more.

This will provide a step-by-step process to implement to your own allocated budget and timeframes.  


Step 5 is the fun bit and, as the above title suggests... the plan is executed!

We will agree a programme of work / sequence of events and quickly get started; working as part of your team. 

The entire process will be managed as a professional project with regular updates and discussions to eliminate disruption to your business and ensure a high standard of work.

On project completion, it's time to get together and celebrate!

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